I take your pain seriously.

bodywork the way you need

Hello, my name is Philip Garcia, and I've been a massage therapist in upstate South Carolina for over seventeen years.  Your biggest question is probably "What kind of massage do you do?". Put simply, I have many tools in my massage tool box. They are all capable of serving you. But which tools to use? That's where communication comes in. I am here to serve your needs so I take time...as much time as needed...to understand where you are and how you feel. Then I can be your advocate and help you with all massage and bodywork has to offer, which is vast. All of this is accomplished in the most relaxed, comfortable, and fun way. It all starts with a conversation.

A little about me...

I am a trail runner, a photographer, an optimist, a father, a grandfather, a craft beer drinker, and a very kind and very real person. I do whatever brings me joy and serves the happiness of others.